Hi folks

If you connect / attach / share a NAS drive to your Windows machine you should be able to get decent file transfer speeds across wifi connections (assume you have 5GHZ wifi available).

I'm regularly getting speeds of around 110 MB/s (440 Mb/s) on a WIFI LAN here.
I can live with that. (FROM WINDOWS TO NAS).

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Bonkers thing is if I transfer files the other way around (i.e FROM NAS TO Windows) speed is a lot slower ??? so why is that --any ideas.

From a Linux NAS to another Linux NAS I'm also getting decent speeds on the network same as from Windows TO NAS.

So any network guru out there --any ideas. !!! I tend on the whole not to copy much stuff FROM a NAS to WINDOWS but I'm just curious as to why there's almost a 4 times speed difference over the same network !!!!!

(Running W10 PRO with latest updates).