Hi folks
I tried all the standard stuff to get access to NAS / Linux machines from W10 including re-enabling SMB1 and killing the auto removal of SMB1 -- nothing worked.

Then I had a brain storm -- get rid of CITRIX (I can run that as a VM for access to work remote desktop)


Guess what -- access immediately to my 3 NAS type servers. Note for NAS to access windows also check the SERVER as well as CLIENT box - CLIENT allows W10 to access SAMBA on NAS, SERVER allows NAS to access windows shares.

Click image for larger version. 

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Windows Networking is a real pain but for the moment working now.

Don't know what CITRIX did but it's staying on a VM from now on !!!!

Update : the VM I've installed CITRIX on has the original network problem !! but NAS access isn't needed on that VM. The main problem is solved though.