Hey guys, I'm new here and thought I'd be able to find some good help here. I have a Netis WF2190 wifi adapter on my desktop here, and it keeps randomly disconnecting while running only certain games. It sometime disconnect and reconnects (enough to drop me from online games which is infuriating to say the least.) or completely shuts off my adapter, forcing me to restart to fix the issue!

Now for some information. I know this adapter uses a Realtek RTL8812AU chipset, a notorious one for issues in Windows 10. I use this one for it's long wifi range as I am far from the router. It works well hardware wise, but Windows 10 just hates this device. I'm running Windows 10 Professonal 64 bit with ALL current updates, I try to keep current on all of them. The driver I'm using is from netis' website. Here's a link. https://goo.gl/v1BYm5
I'm stumped here, any ideas? Thanks all!