Good afternoon
I am running a laptop with dual- booted Win10 (1709) systems.
Both Win10 installs have been carried out in the last 3 days because Win10 (1703) would/could not update to 1709.
Both systems have the same basic set of applications and security software.

I have two storage devices on the network:
1 is a USB mounted directly to the router
2 is a NAS unit hard wired to the router

The previous Win10 (1703) mapped both with no trouble
One of the current dual-booted Win10(1709) maps both with no problem
the Other dual booted Win10(1709) refuses to map either the USB or the NAS, it returns the message "check spelling"
I can log onto to both the NAS and the router via my Browser perfectly well.

I also have another PC which maps these two devices OK.

Any ideas on what could be different would be most welcome.....

Mant thanks in advance