So since November of 2017 I have noticed my laptop card acting strange. I normally use the 5ghz WiFi since its much faster and better. But since November I have noticed that the 5ghz WiFi would get slow sometimes. At first I thought it was a router issue but my other devices connected to 5ghz were fine, also if I switched my laptop to 2.4ghz the speed would come back to being fast again.

At first I would fix it by forgetting the network and then reconnecting it. For awhile that was working and from mid to late January I was having no issues with the 5GHz. But now it seems to be coming back. Tonight it happened again as well as a few weeks ago too. But tonight my usual fix wasn't working and even rebooting wasn't doing anything.
I was getting slow webpage loads, but once I switched to 2.4ghz things were fine again.

The 5ghz is working fine again, and before anyway asks I have my laptop not too far away from the router and I usaly get 5 or 4 bars where I'an sitting or -58 to -62 dbm.

My question is that should I consider buying a new Network adapter for my laptop. I did already update the drivers once though that doesn't seem to be helping too much.