I recently registered with BT Cloud and saved a few documents and photos to it. It now appears that a lot more documents and photos than I had intended have been saved to it as well, how I don't know. When I try to delete files only one file can be selected at a time, holding down shift does not permit multiple selection as far as I can see. The files are then deleted to a deleted folder, however the whole process has to be repeated to completely delete the files. For a large number of files this is going to be extremely laborious and time consuming. I have not been able to get a meaningful answer from BT on line and a series of internet chat question and answers that another person has had with a similar problem appears to have had a similar negative outcome.
Files can be deleted from the Desktop BT folder which is like a File Explorer window. These appear to be files which are synced to the computer and are accessed by clicking on the BT desktop icon. Sometimes it is possible to access what I think is called the BT Dashboard ( I have not found a definitive way to do this however) which gives access to the files held in the cloud and it is from this core set of files that I am trying to delete files.
Does any one know of a way to bulk delete files from the core folder on the cloud itself. Failing that how do I completely remove my BT Cloud folder from the internet.