So I'm thinking I'd like to delve into home networking ...partly to have all pc's and devices on my home network in a domain that I create, but also to study a bit using Microsofts free 6 month evaluation of WIndows Server 2012 R2. (I'm also in a MS server class, so it will help to get more familiar with it and try different things) . My main pc is fast enough to run it and there won't be many instances of more than one person (me) accessing the network, so it should be good to go. The specs are: Win 10 pro 64 bit, 16 gig DDR3 mem, 250g SSD drive, 1 TB ext HD, and Intel i5 quad core at 2.66mhz.

Then , I got to thinking how neat and tidy just having a monitor/mouse/keyboard would be for my other areas in the house (and garage) rather than klunky pc's constructed from OLD parts I have,
and so came to the idea of running them as thin clients intrigued me. I currently don't have the little black boxes you need for them to run that way, so I'll have to research the most economical ones to purchase. ....Then the question is, can MS server 2012 R2 be configured to support thin clients? I'm still a newbie on MS server but have started some the class labs and the options are daunting to say the least lol.

Thanks for any input!