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       14 Feb 2018 #21

    Hi there

    I can't see any reason to go for Bundled packages -- while they might look more attractive who really sits at home and has time to watch 100's of usually lousy TV channels or a load of half baked movies --it's a shame but Hollywood really produces very few decent films these days --mainly "follow ons" of not very good series etc - nothing even remotely original. I really don't need to see 97th re-incarnation of Spider-Man or yet another mind numbingly boring Star Wars film (not Star trek which was quite good) - and the new Star Trek discovery series on Netflix shows that the old Hollywood and Big 4 of US networks are really dying on their feet.

    If you want to watch TV then people like NETFLIX are usually good value (they seem to have a load of decent original stuff) and are quite cheap and who these days really needs a landline - especially an expensive one.

    Personally though "camping" uninvited on somebody else's wifi is never a good idea in any case.

    For a high quality unlimited basic Internet Only service in most places you should be able to find something for around 30 USD a month Max - and that's for decentish speed -- you don't have to go for 2Gb/s or whatever --is there really that much stuff around that's worth downloading at that speed -- Netflix even works quite well at 2 - 3 Mb/s

    I'll bet a load of people on this board also have very expensive mobile contracts -- It's always cheaper to buy the phone up front and pay a few USD a month for a non contract type of SIM -- even an expensive iPhone is better to buy up front -- the typical contract price will usually have paid off the phone after about 15 months and then you are just wasting the rest of the money.

    If you can't afford the up front price it's mega cheaper to buy the thing with a Bank loan or even a Credit card provided you pay back a reasonable amount each month.

    Still this is a Tech Forum not a Consumers advice one - but I hate seeing just how many people don't realize how much money they are chucking down the drain. maybe unlike some of us they have a lot more money than we did as kids - but even so it's still wasting it.

    Finally don't always believe what the sales people tell you -- I don't believe you are forced to take any bundle at all from these suppliers even if they make the sales pitch sound good.

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    One can always go to the bar and watch free cable
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    Winuser said: View Post
    Maybe they can't force you but the can over charge you. My son tried to lower his Comcast cable bill by dropping some channels. Because of the discount for the bundled package his cable bill would have gone up.
    Yep. I had Dish, paid $89 a month, when year was up, bill went up to $289 a month, complained, they said they can remove some channels to get bill around $89. they removed all the channels except those infomercials.
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    ThrashZone said: View Post
    One can always go to the bar and watch free cable
    When I go to a bar, I want to hear some Honky Tonk music, I do not care for sports unless its NASCAR at Darlington, Daytona, or Talledega
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    EdTittel said: View Post
    You should definitely look into the "Pringles can modification" if you have a line-of-sight to your sister-in-law's garage.
    'Nuff said,
    The pringle can idea gave me a idea,, I was browsing antenna leads and seen some where you can use external antenna. just don't know which one to pick.
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