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I can't understand this at all but any network Gurus out there

Got rid of 4 X LAN 100 metre cables which went into an AC 1900 nighthawk extender - which connected to my main ISP router via wi fi on 5GHZ band (temporary solution until I can lay a decent Lan cable direct from main ISP supplied router to computer area - approx. 100 metres from main router). Still using the extender until I connect 1 LAN cable from network switch direct to home router.

With the Network switch (small netgear 5 port 1 Gb/s switch) connection is nearly 200 Mb/s down on all 4 computers connected via the switch.

Using 4 separate LAN cables ( i.e without the network switch piece of kit) into the AC 1900 nighthawk extender it's about 113 Mb/s down.

What gives!!! can't understand why a single LAN connection switched between 4 computers with a Netgear network switch should be a load faster than 4 separate cables -- not complaining though . I'd still like to know if there's any sensible explanation for this behaviour. If so why isn't everybody using these types of LAN switches -- they are cheap enough !! and save loads of cable wiring.

I've studied Engineering at Uni and Physics too but I'm at a loss to explain this --and performance is DEFINITELY better - no question on that.

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