Hey, y'all I just finished a new build and turned my old setup into a server/data host for my network. Both computers have a fresh install of windows and are connected together through a router with a Cat6 and Cat5 cable with a average connection of 200Down/30Up.

Issue im encountering is that the average transfer rate from my MainPC to ServerPC is around 1mb/s while ServerPC to MainPC is 10mb/s. Now I need to transfer about 300Gigs of data from Main to Server so that kind of an issue.

Ive been looking around for a while and have done the following things to try to resolve the issue but nothing has changed:
- Enabled NetBIOS
- Disabled Large Send Offload V6/V4
- Maxed out Speed & Duplex

Also computers are not connected to a homegroup, just have the drives fully shared.
If anyone has any other possible solutions im game. Thanks!