Samba connectivity

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  1.    02 Jan 2018 #1

    Samba connectivity

    I'm still working with a problem I've mentioned here before: my Windows boxes have lost connectivity to my Samba box since adopting Win 10. There are dozens of flavors of this problem discussed online, and dozens of solutions, none of which have worked for me.

    Describing what goes on in two of my hosts, GILGAMESH (Win 10 Pro) and ABELARD (Fedora Linux):

    GILGAMESH: Full Internet connectivity via router. Can SSH into ABELARD via PuTTY. Can FTP into ABELARD via WS-FTP. Host ABELARD appears in File Explorer->Network. Clicking on its icon produces error 80070035, network path not found. This PC->Add a Network Location gives same result.

    ABELARD: Has Samba 4.7.3 aboard, with two shares configured for access by the Win machines. Filesystem, including the shares, is accessible from GILGAMESH via FTP, but not via Samba.

    Samba access was normal until the Windows machines were switched from Win 7 to Win 10.

    smb.conf file attached. Suggestions?
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       03 Jan 2018 #2

    Did you change smb.conf after installing win 10?

    Why you have:

    hosts allow = 127. 192.168.1. ? <- seems wrong anyway this can surely cause problems try to comment it it may work then

    Does a folder named /buraid exists in fedora?

    ; browseable = yes <- why commented ?

    It seems you're playing a bit with smb.conf maybe without knowing what you're touching,

    is smb1 enabled or disable in win 10?
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  3.    03 Jan 2018 #3

    I've made numerous changes in trying out the various "solutions" I've found online.
    "hosts allow = 127." dates back to when the system was working. "192.168.1." was a recent attempt to enable all the hosts on my network.
    Yes, /buraid is the share that I've been using all along for backups, and it was accessible before this problem arose. It is still accessible from Windows via PuTTY or FTP.
    The browseable line has been commented out since before the problem: no change there.
    SMB 1 is turned on in Windows, with its automatic removal turned off.
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       03 Jan 2018 #4

    Have you tried to connect with file explorer from windows with:

    smb:// <- in linux

    // <- what is fedora's lan address ?
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  5.    03 Jan 2018 #5

    Yes: no response if I do that in the filename ribbon. If I go to This PC->Add a network location and enter that, I get "The folder you entered does not appear to be valid." If i double-click on host Abelard's icon in the "Computer" block I get error 80070035, network path not found.
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       03 Jan 2018 #6

    have you removed 192.168.1. ?

    what is fedora's lan address ?
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  7.    03 Jan 2018 #7

    Yes, I've removed 192.168.1.
    Abelard, the Fedora host, is Gilgamesh the Win 10 host, is
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       03 Jan 2018 #8

    Ok can only give you some advices at this point

    commend all "host allow"
    make sure the shared folder have right permissions youre using a folder in root would try something in your home folder
    make sure the windows user is also a smb user in linux
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  9.    03 Jan 2018 #9

    OK, I've commented out the host lines. Full permissions are present in the shares, and the user is the same in both machines. Bear in mind this system was working perfectly until the switch from Win7 to Win10.
    I've stripped most of the boilerplate comments out of smb.conf and attached the current version.
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    Ubuntu 18.04, Windows 10 pro 18.09, win 8.1 pro
       04 Jan 2018 #10

    path = /buraid
    read only = no
    browseable = yes
    guest ok = yes
    create mask = 0664
    valid users = youruser

    and to try simple case:

    path =/home/youruser/sharedir
    read only = No
    valid users = youruser

    of course you have to restart smb or the sytem after saving the file.
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