Samba shares TO Windows 10 now working OK (finally !!!!!)

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    Samba shares TO Windows 10 now working OK (finally !!!!!)

    Hi there
    after trying all of the zillion suggestions on the Forum about getting an INBOUND connection from SAMBA (NAS Server) to access W10 shares (the OTHER way around from W10 TO the NAS wasn't a problem) it's finally working.

    What I did was:

    1) delete the W10 clean install I had.

    2) re-install W10 PRO from an older version of the Ms media creation tool (from around june 2017 - not the latest versions). To get PRO to install rather than HOME (normal default) see step 3 - you can upgrade for FREE if licensed without using the file in step 3) but that caused the problem I suspect).

    3) To get W10 PRO I added the standard "ei.cfg" thing to ensure I was prompted on which version to install -- the default latest media creation tool always seems to install HOME which you then upgrade (free of course) via the store to PRO - assuming it's W10 PRO you were licensed for.

    4) Selected W10 Pro from the menu to install that at the outset. - You need to make the "ei.cfg" mod to get the menu to appear at install time. The method is available in the tutorials on the forum.

    5) Checked Network was OK -- was running fine.

    5) install stuff again -- VMware workstation, photoshop, Office 2016 etc. I don't have a mega load of stuff on W10 so re-install isn't too much of a pain.

    6) Back up system at this point BEFORE update -- at this point everything is 100% working as it should be. I use Macrium for backup.

    7) apply Windows updates to latest update - system all working !!!!!

    I suspect that something in the SMB access gets hosed up or is missing when you initially have the clean install (latest version) and the default system is W10 HOME. Upgrading via the store to W10 Pro (free) might miss something as well. Installing W10 PRO from the outset appears to be the solution although I did use an older version of the Media creation Tool rather than the current one.

    Anyway this is the only way I could get the wretched connectivity fixed. I need the connection to work FROM the NAS to WINDOWS as I have automatic DATA backups from the NAS to the windows machines (Rsync and crontab to back up data files daily to the NAS).

    Most people are usually happy with connection FROM Windows TO the NAS to access media files etc. That part seems OK.

    As for system backups I run those frequently on the Windows machines (macrium) and a job pushes those over to the NAS and another job copies that data to external HDD's so I have several copies of system backups - you should always have more than one and store them on different devices but that's another topic.

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    Have you got SMB1 enabled in win 10?
    I had a problem like yours and i had to disable smb1 support both in win (for security) and Linux
    then it worked again.
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    roy111 said:
    Have you got SMB1 enabled in win 10?
    I had a problem like yours and i had to disable smb1 support both in win (for security) and Linux
    then it worked again.
    Hi there
    I tried all that stuff to no avail
    anyway thanks for suggestion -- it's all working fine now.

    In my SAMBA config I have at the start of the GLOBAL section

    max protocol = SMB3
    # can set it to SMB2 if you want experimental SMB2 support.
    workgroup = WORKGROUP
    server string = Samba Server Version %v

    ; max protocol = SMB2

    log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
    max log size = 50
    security = user
    passdb backend = tdbsam
    name resolve order = bcast host lmhosts wins

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    Win 10 pro

    What i mean is that maybe reinstalling win 10 re-enabled smb1 on windows and that's why it's working,
    if you disable smb1 in windows to browse windows shares from Linux you need to disable smb1 support:


    client min protocol = SMB2
    client max protocol = SMB3


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