I just purchased Office 365 Premium for my family with 5 1T accounts, original intention was to automatically sync all pictures and videos from family (2 parents + 2 kids) iPhones and Android phones to one OneDrive account. 5th account is for family XBox to watch pictures and videos from all other 4 accounts. Point is to make syncing automatic without any manual scheduled actions.

But it doesn't seem to be as easy as I thought: I see sync possibility only for the folders created by user, but for pictures coming from smartphones I see no sync options. It seems that OneDrive creates this pictures "folder", and cannot be synced with other account. And in phones I see no option to save pictures automatically to a specific folder in OneDrive, only option is OneDrive personnal. If this is true, seems like only choice to sync all to one account is to use one account for all devices. Please correct me if wrong, and help if someone already solved this.