yesterday I updated my Windows 7 Home Premium to windows 10 and actually I really like it. But I got a huge problem that needs to be solved.

My computer information Acer Aspire M5810 Desktop-PC: Computer Zubehör

I always used the Hama Usb stick

The thing is the stick does not detect my Router which is a FritzBox 6360.

Here comes the weird part: My router is not shown in the wlan list and my router is next to my computer. When I randomly connect another router from the neighbors and enter a wrong password it says : Password is invalid ( obviously ) . When I cancel that error my computer connects immediatly to my router and then I get a connection for about 5 minutes. Then I lose the connection and my router is again not shown on the wlan list.

I really hope you get my problem, sorry for my bad english skills.

Best regards,

firifox :)