I shuttle my Win 10 SP4 between two Wi-Fi networks. On one, I have an HP Envy 5540 MFC and on the other an HP OfficeJet 4650 MFC.

When I launch Windows' built-in Scan app, it inevitably shows it's trying to communicate with the OTHER HP. I get the little blue swirling dots showing it's trying to connect, but of course, it won't - because I'm hundreds of miles away, trying to connect to THIS HP.

There is a drop-down arrow next to the scanner name, but when I click it, nothing drops down.

It doesn't seem to matter which is my default printer.

The only solution I've found is to uninstall both HPs and reinstall only the one on my current network - which isn't practical.

Yes, HP has its own scanning software, but it's proprietary to each printer (so I need two different applications), it's bloated, and it pushes advertising down my throat.

How do I get the Scan app to select the appropriate scanner?