I believe I have everything set up correctly to track changes, but no additions or deletions show up. Comments do work.

I wanted additions to appear in the text in color and deletions to appear in the righthand margin. I selected the following:
--Track Changes
--All Markup
--Comments, ink, insertions and deletions, formatting, show revisions in balloons
--Specific people: all reviewers and myself
--Balloons in All Markup View show: Revisions

Advanced tracking options:
--Insertions: color only
--Deletions: color only
--Changed lines: right border

Everything is all black. No changes show at all.

I also noticed a pretty bad problem with the Word 2013 user interface---screwed up appearance on the menus. Due to a vision problem I use a high-contrast theme and WinAero Tweaker. Things look fine in the modified Windows 10 interface, Thunderbird, Firefox, and Word 2002. Windows 13 is the only thing that isn't working perfectly.

Thanks for your help!