OK, this becomes a bit clearer.

Part of how you were confusing us is that you were conflating Outlook 201x and Hotmail.com/Outlook.com. You're NOT using Hotmail.com/Outlook.com at all! If your mail was coming in through Hotmail.com/Outlook.com, your email address would be xxxxxxx@hotmail.com or xxxxxxx@outlook.com.

Your ISP & mail account is Comcast (as in xxxxxxx@comcast.net); you are using 2 different applications to view that mail -- WLM and Outlook 201x.

As I said previously, you CAN'T prevent 2 applications using an IMAP protocol to download messages from the same ISP and email account! So, if you prefer WLM to Outlook 201x, then STOP USING IT! Just because an application is present on your PC, you are under no obligation to use it.

Unfortunately, if you're going to use other MS Office apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), then MS won't let you remove Outlook 201x from your computer -- but you can remove it from your toolbar (bottom line of your screen), and from your Start Menu (blocks). Check out the Tutorials here if you need info on how to do that.

You could also remove MS Office completely (if you didn't pay for it) and use LibreOffice, Open Office, or other such suites.