To whom may solve this problem,

Since the most recent major Windows 10 update, nothing but trouble and annoyances at several levels.

A galling one is the total disappearance of the well-know MS Office Assistant (whether or not using the animated figures like the paperclip, wizard, etc.).

I am still using an old version of Word (installed when I was still running on XP SP3) - simply because I am used to it and do not like the so-called bells and whistles coming with the newer Office.

Since Windows 7 (whose demise I very much regret because I found it far more stable and less prone to problems than Windows 10), the Office Assistant had been "deprecated" (to use Microsoft's quaint euphemism). But through Windows 7, 8 and 10 prior to that dreadful latest major update, which played havoc with many of my installed programs, there was a way around that particular "deprecation" by downloading and installing a hotfix, using MsAgent 2.0 among other things.

That is no longer the case. Even when downloading Microsoft's still available hotfix, there is no way to regain access to that useful assistant. When trying to install said hotfix installer, one gets an error message saying: "Installer encountered an error: 0x80096002". And no way to get around that error!

When trying to install an available MsAgent 2.0 exe, even by setting its compatibility to a former OS, one gets the error message that it is no longer compatible with Windows 10 (please note that prior to the mentioned recent major Win10 update, there was no problem whatsoever).

Be all that as it may, and whatever reason behind all these Microsoft shenanigans (this one being one of the less obnoxious ones), what else could I do to recuperate my cosy old Office Assistant? I don't use it for help as such, but mostly for grammatical explanations in English (this module was quite clever and helpful on that aspect).

So if someone can help me with a workable roundabout to get this fixed, I'll be most grateful. I have not much hope, because other Win 10 annoyances have not been resolved (like the near impossibility to avoid the dreadful Edge with pdf files, or Paint 3D with usual graphic files - whatever one may try to force Win 10 to behave otherwise). But one can always hope.