I'm supporting an enterprise client. They have a peculiar Outlook issue.

Use case:

They receive hundreds of emails per day to a shared inbox, mostly contract and vendor stuff. They color code these based on work assignment. So, the senior manager mostly deals with vendor contracts. When whoever is manning the inbox sees the e-mail come in, they manually color code it. That way when people look in the inbox they can just focus on the categories in their specialization, ie vendor contracts versus some other legal issue.

Their problem is they receive so many different types of e-mails, there's no way to set up rules to color code things automatically. It needs someone to do it manually. So that's what they do. Which leads to the problem...


Whenever someone replies to the manually color coded inbox item, it strips the color coding from the reply. This creates a lot of extra work. It's an unusual problem.

Their question is is there a way to make it so that replies to emails keep the color coding that was manually assigned to the parent e-mail. We can't seem to find an obvious way in settings to do this.

Otherwise, any suggested work arounds?

System is Windows 10 Enterprise, Outlook 2016.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks!