This question probably should be in an Outlook forum but all I have checked have no solution to it. Yet it seems like a simple enough request.

When pasting an item into an email in Outlook, I often add images and URL links.

Even if only pasting plain-text, i would like to automatically add at least one linefeed and preferably two to every pasted object..

This 'sets off' the pasted text or image from the main body of the email but more importantly, when dealing with pasted hyperlinks, they only show as 'active' after they have a linefeed added at the end.. And without that linefeed, I sometimes accidentally add text to the URL which makes it an invalid link.

This is probably a function of MS Office itself as I have a batch script that creates a list of hyperlinks in an .rtf file and then attaches file that to an email.

When the recipient opens that file in Word, none of the hyperlink will open as they should until; the recipient adds a linefeed to the end of each item. The same thing happnes if I create a .doc file as well.

This leads me to believe that this behavior is true with all MS Office documents, not just Outlook. It occurs to me that there might be some way to add a "custom paste" option that would do the "Paste Plus two line feeds" but i have not been able to find a way to do that either.

Any advice appreciated.