I have spent hours trying to do something that should be simple, and have given up in frustration.
I imported my Evernote notebooks into OneNote for Windows 10 successfully. According to Microsoft, I should be also able to view these notebooks in OneNote 2010. This has proved to be impossible. I can view and work with the notebooks in the Windows 10 app, but I can find no way to view these notebooks in OneNote 2010.
The notebooks are in OneDrive online and I can see them there, but there is no option to open them in OneNote 2010.
The links to the notebooks show up as internet shortcuts when I view my OneDrive folder in Windows Explorer, but if I try to open any of these in OneNote 2010, nothing happens.
If I go to OneNote online, there is no option to use OneNote 2010 to open any of my notebooks.
So am I just being dense? Am I missing something obvious? (It wouldn't be the first time!!)
Or is there some secret way of doing something that should be simple?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.