I'm giving this a try here as I seem to find answers to most issues on this web site.

After working without this problem until today, MS Word 2016 (on Win10) has suddenly started to reset all the page numbering on my Table of Contents to a single number: either 2 or 3. The problem occurs most often with templates.

I don't know if I'm the cause of this issue, as I have done a lot of document formatting lately, including formatting many templates and saving new headings etc. to the Styles library.

I have checked other sources on the web without seeing anything that provides a solution. One suggested workaround, i.e., locking the TOC with CTRL-F11 & unlocking it when I want to refresh the TOC, isn't an option for me. I distribute templates to co-workers and I don't want to export the problem if it's something I caused and could be transmitted to their settings.