Loading MS Office Home & Student 2007 -Pop Up with a Configuration bar

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    Loading MS Office Home & Student 2007 -Pop Up with a Configuration bar

    I have had a few problems winding up a new ACER Laptop for my Son.
    In our Family we have used Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 version since new.
    and before that 2003 version, on clicking the ICON the familiar sandy coloured rectangle pop-up appears appears, well today. There's also a grey rectang]el
    if] clicked on it reveals the words Configuration in Progress. This is new to me.
    I have earlier removed the windows 365 trial version that came with the laptop.
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    Hi Billz

    Create a restore point please. As well I strongly recommend having a data back up. (I'm big on safe, not sorry).

    I would use Microsoft's removal tools. I would use it to remove Office 365 for a complete removal.

    Uninstall Office 2016, Office 2013, or Office 365 from a PC - Office Support

    At the bottom of the page in link provided above is a link to remove 2007. I would use their tool again.

    Within the 2007 removal page is the link to the 2003. Same drill.

    Once everything please ensure you reboot. Then install 2007.

    If you use Outlook or Outlook Express for mail be warned it may delete these. Have you mail settings document and if you are using POP mail accounts your PST files backed up.

    Post back.

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    Hi Ken,
    Thank you for responding, My Son would like your Icon, It is part of the reality world he lives in, along with all the other cartoon characters. He uses their language to communicate with, including your icon.
    I have tried restore point creation before, but I am a little scared of what might go wrong. I will have to try it again.
    When the new laptop was being set up there appeared to be something wrong with the time for windows to do what ever it does, so I removed MS Office 365 using the uninstall process of the Windows 10 installed after I had previously installed My MS office 2007 for Home & Students (From memory) They were both listed at 131MB. I used the Original 2007 disk and Codes.
    What are Microsoft's removal tools, and where are they I only know of the Uninstall file you can get using "Cortana" This is what I used. There is no information that could be a catastrophic loss on the laptop, as I have connected him up to an Epson Stylus S20 that's been in the corner for years. He now takes Hard Copies of his Rainbows and Lists.
    There are no e-mail accounts on the Laptop. I use Yahoo on my PC and have to put up with the adverts, no problem there.
    I have encountered very occasionally a request on a website response form for a pop address, or similar. I have to use Yahoo.
    Thank You Ken,

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  4. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Hi Bill.

    I create restore points with really no intention of using. Whe you are installing or uninstalling you are changing the registry. Life happens and so while I Have no intention of using should something go really wrong we have in back pocket.

    The Microsoft removal tools are in the link I sent you as links. They come right from Microsoft. Windows programs I can only describe as a messy install. Bits and pieces everywhere and the uninstalls from Programs can leave these bits and pieces behind. That is why tool like Revo Uninstaller were created. You run them as you install and they record where these pieces are. They then uninstall them.

    Most big vendors understand this problem, Norton has an uninstaller as does McAffee, so to for Chrome and Microsoft is no different. By using the tools developed by the vendor you get a more robust removal. I try to look for them whenever a traditional program uninstall doesn't work.

    So follow the link, download the tool from Microsoft and execute. Follow the next link and so on. Just create a restore point just in case.

    I mention the other things like mail as some people don't paint a full picture and then the helper gives the wrong advise.

    You will be fine.

    Post back on progress.
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    Hi Ken,
    I first came across computing in 1962 just out of the Army and with the R.N College Greenwich Nuclear dept (Reactor Jason) with a IBM 1620 fed by punched paper tape. and later knew of a 10k ferrite core computer for equations in the Maths dept of My college.
    So I can understand what you say about microsoft windows being messy, I have been trying to understand Microsoft since 1980, my set up used an original MS 3.0 not the later MS 3.0dos with a set up using a 32K Brother Commodore computer that was the best I could get, with it being for 80 columns of text that allowed me to get 3 pages of A4 of typing to be saved to 1Mb twin disks together with a Qume Sprint 5 daisy wheel printer and a KSR keyboard that could program the computer (or an IBM 1620) all up in the loft, you just get used to using a Wordcraft bit by bit up to Ver 6 Program, and have to learn another set up this time a portable weighing 14 lb that I up graded to 10MB some where dead in the depths of my office, followed by a further 3 computers each with different Windows each abandoned in turn I am using the 3rd one .
    That has gone from MS.8 to 10 suddenly on its own, after being inquisitive about 10.
    I have read your uninstalling information, Thank you I will have to try it when I am not so pushed for time,
    I read your notes about Restore points and tried to follow it up, I have done it once before but forgotten. but reading in the internet about the Free program (Restore Point Creator for Windows) I click on download (Restore Point Creator) and it seems to revert back to earlier versions of windows. It would seen to be a useful program with more control . Any suggestions for this or a similar program for W 10.

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  6. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Hi Bill

    To create a restore point you just use Windows. You may not need to use but you will have.

    To create
    Windows Key + R
    Window opens
    Type sysdm.cpl in box and press enter.
    Window opens
    Click on "System Protection" tab.
    At the bottom click on "Create".
    Give it name, the date is added by system.

    Now if you need to restore, same steps only when you get to the System protection tab you click "System Restore" which uses the restore point to "Reset" your registry.

    A more complete tool would be a disk Imager. One highly recommended on this forum is Macrium Reflect. There is an extensive tutorial on subject and they have their own videos.

    Please check out Macrium Reflect as an Imaging tool. It is recommended and used by members on this forum. It is free, reliable and a fast way to restore to a working system.
    Macrium Reflect - Backup and Restore

    You should also own some boot media, for those rainy days when Windows just says "No".

    Windows 10 has a tool to create a Recovery Drive on USB key. Type the words - recovery drive - in the Cortana search bar and "Create Recovery Drive" should appear at top of list. Click to start it. If you don't have a USB key installed the process will start, and it could take a some time, but it will tell you what size key you need. Most need 8GB key. This provides you with bootable media to invoke recovery / repair processes.

    Looks like you've had a lots of experience with computers. Amazing how fast they are changing these days.

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    Thank you Ken You have been most helpful, I have to put into practice what you have written, but it must have to wait for now, as I am always so overwhelmed with something else for now in what has been a forever and ever system always too much to do. At the moment I can't take the risk to my time of something going wrong as it is "Normal" at the moment.
    I will mark this Thread as solved, as I think the information you have provided will be most helpful to myself and others. When I have succeeded "I will return, I may be away for some time" " maybe a quote from Star Wars mixed up with General McArthur"

    Thank you again, Bill.
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  8. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 1909

    Good luck.

    Thank you for rep !!
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