Hi! I'm having big trouble taking notes in lectures with OneNote 2013 after upgrading to Windows 10. I tried out OneNote 2016 but it has no practical use for me lacking all the smart options of the 2013 so I reinstalled it. Everything working normally except Screen Clipping function which is vital for taking notes in my studies. The hot-key "Win+Shift+S" works fine. The screen clipping selection function also works as it should. But my problems begin after selecting the destination for the caption. Most of the time the caption appears as a white blank box with a little red "X" in the upper left corner. Here is an example for better understanding:

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I fund that in some cases it actually works but the reliability of it is well illustrated on the picture shown. I have not found a hints of why it sometime works and sometime won't. Please let me know of any ideas to try as I have really become dependent of this function in my studies.