So I was trying to install Office 2016 Pro Plus (Volume licence) and every time I try it just ends up with Microsoft Office encountered an error during setup. This is incredibly frustrating and I have no idea why it's happening (since it doesn't display any specific error message) and was wondering if someone could help me out with this.

I simply start setup.exe, click on customise and run all from my computer from the first box which just says Microsoft Office (workplace tutorial says to do so) and then just click Install now, then after 5 or so minutes it just comes up with the message "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 encountered an error during setup", with the only other option being to either click the question mark (which just opens a generic help page) or click close.

Now here's the thing, before I upgraded Windows 10 to the anniversary update I had Office installed from this method but office always acted weird (such as the whole word window acting unresponsive if I were to minimise it and then re-opening it after I check something in chrome), so just before upgrading I uninstalled office and was hoping to re-install once I got upgraded, yet now the installation fails every time.
I initially thought maybe this was because there were leftover files from the uninstall but after following a manual uninstall guide from Microsoft it still failing to install, so now I'm in dire need of help.