Ever since I have migrated to w10 two days ago, whenever I connect to net, I find huge downloads starting to take place.

I have closed all "automatic updates", I have disabled all tasks of google/ opera update (disabled there triggers als0, foxpro/ thunderbird/ flash/ EaseUS are set to not to update,

and I have even disabled the services of googleupdate, windows automatic update, Opera, EaseUS, etc.

MS Office 2016 has been set "not to update".

I have also used UpdateFreezer_1.10.134 to set everything to disabled, so nothing known will automatically update.

but the huge downloads still starts and goes on for hours till I notice it, and disconnect internet and then it stops, and doesn't restart on restarting net,

but again starts after some time.

The wise guys at MS not even bother to tell us what our net is downloading/ uploading, as if they are paying our net recharge.

I am on PC, so I find that making it a "metered connection" option is not appearing to my box. (I have heard that that stops windows automatic update downloads)

To cap it, I never received any single notification in last two days as to what it has downloaded and nothing prompted me whether to update and nothing informed me if anything has been updated.

Windows Progams are still showing only two KBs in windows update that were there right with the installation, so nothing new has been updated in windows update.

onedrive is not yet connecting as has been posted in another thread.

what exactly is downloading/ uploading?

how to prevent these huge downloads taking place in w10/ office 2016?