I've set up a new Office 365 subscription on my desktop system. I'm gradually moving folders into the OneDrive folder. OneDrive seems to be having a serious negative effect on network bandwidth for the other computers and tablets on my home network. I'm on the 12 Mbps to 18 Mbps level of service with my provider. I'm moving a few gig at a time into the OneDrive folder and letting it sync before adding more. It seems like Dropbox and Google Drive sync faster than OneDrive but I haven't done any measured comparisons. Certainly we are seeing slower web site load times when OneDrive is syncing.
The big issue is that OneDrive doesn't have an on/off switch or a pause button on the sync process. You can change the settings to start OneDrive on Windows startup, and that's all. Microsoft needs to provide some controls. What are other people experiencing?