Hi there

OUTLOOK 2013 -- what a DISASTER

1) Themes are Hideous (Ok I can live with that but it's not nice).

2) I don't like the menu bar items - All In caps -- looks hideous - I suppose I can live with that too.

3) If you are away from your ISP you can't complete setup as it INSISTS that test mail is sent before completing setup and YOU CANNOT UNCHECK THE SEND TEST MAIL box on setup.

4) SHOWSTOPPER -- if you set it up with IMAP then unlike Office 2010 you don't also get a LOCAL folder created. If you create manually (why not as we aren't always 100% online) OK that SEEMS to work - but then if you MOVE mail from the IMAP folder to the Local folder the mail GETS LOST -- 100% unacceptable.

Uninstalling Office 2013 at once now -- re-installing Office 2010. Email programs SHOULD BE 100% RELIABLE and able to save folders on LOCAL HDD's if required for working on offline.

Office 2010 - nice and stable - works 100% reliably, sensible themes and installing outlook can be done OFFLINE too without having to pass the "Test send mail".

I don't know if Office 365 has these defects - but I'm not keen on anything to do with cloud based solutions.

I only installed Office 2013 as I wanted to test some of the Touch facilities -- I don't think I'll bother now until the whole package is reliable which it isn't currently. I don't like the whole concept now where everybody thinks you are online 100% of the time -- I'm often NOT online but that's no reason why I shouldn't be able to work on documents or email offline and then "bulk send" later.