I have a Word table in a doc that I created a couple of years ago where I have been manually applying two "text highlight" colors (green and yellow), depending on the number that I've entered in the table cell. It has worked as expected until a few months ago, when the two text highlight colors started appearing automatically whenever I type a number in a column that previously had that same color applied. How do I stop this?

I could be wrong, but I'm not aware of any Word autoformatting that would cause this.

I'll mention that there is one column in the table (which has a total of five columns) that I've never manually applied any text highlighting to, and when, as a test, today I manually applied text highlighting to a new number in that column and then entered another number in the next cell in that same column, this automatic text highlighting did not occur. So, it seems that this unexpected autoformatting behavior is connected in some way to each of the columns individually.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Win 10 and Word 2019 (up-to-date)