Outlook 365 and imap accounts  

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    Outlook 365 and imap accounts

    I have an email account using my own domain that I have been accessing via imap on local outlook clients (and through my iPhone and IPad mail apps). This has never been ideal since I canít access my calendar, to-dos, notes and contacts across all my devices.

    I just subscribed to Microsoft 365 family and installed it, and when I open up the new outlook 365 app I see my account (still set up as imap). (Btw, I was surprised to see outlook 365 import my account settings so I didnít have to set anything up...)

    Anyway, hereís my question: should I be changing to an exchange account at Microsoft and if so, how? Would I forward my emails to a Microsoft server address? And what advantages would that give me? Is that needed in order to integrate my calendar, notes, to-do lists and contacts across all my devices or do I already have that due to the magic of Microsoft 365 without setting up an exchange account?

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    IMAP and EAS are email [etc] retrieval methods. You don't need to forward anything to a different address because your account itself is not changed.

    IMAP - allows syncing of emails
    EAS - allows syncing of emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes [I think], Ö

    The benefit is the increased range of items that are therefore synced across your devices.

    What is a Microsoft Exchange account - Office Support
    Exchange ActiveSync - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    By the way, this post just about exhausts my knowledge of EAS so if you have any further questions on the topic you can expect somebody else to respond.


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    Thanks, denis. I think my question is somewhat different. The mail server on which my accounts are located (hosted by site5.com) does not offer exchange accounts. I was hoping that by downloading outlook 365 (as part of my new Microsoft 365 account) I would be able to turn my email account into one in which I could get access to calendar and to-do across all devices. Not sure if that means I would actually have to close my old email account and open up an ms exchange account with Microsoft or someone...as you can tell Iím pretty confused about this all
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    Oh, I misunderstood.

    If your current email server server does not offer EAS functionality then you cannot make use of EAS functionality with it.


    If, as you mentioned, you dropped your current email account and started using Outlook.com*** instead then you would be able to use EAS because their server does work with EAS. So you would be able to sync emails, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes [I think], … across your devices.
    *** MS has an annoying habit of reusing the word Outlook for several different things. You will get MS Office Outlook as part of Office 365 and you can set that up to use an Outlook.com account [as well as other email accounts].

    You would have the complication of deciding what to do with all your old emails. The most appropriate decision will depend on where they are saved now.
    - If they merely exist online then you might find the best decision to be to keep your old email address as an IMAP email setup in your Outlook 365. At least for the time being while you thought of a better idea.
    - If they exist in an installed email client application [Outlook / Thunderbird / …] on your computer then there might be a method of doing a bulk importation of all your old emails.

    I cannot help with transfer/importation as I've never had to do it but if you describe the situation for me then I might at least be able to help you draft a question for a new [albeit related] TenForums thread so you can get advice from those who know about these things.

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    Thanks, very helpful. Iíll research outlook.com separately but in case you know off the top of your head: would I be able to use my current email address with outlook.com (eg by putting in a new mx record printing to outlook.com or perhaps setting up an autoforward to outlook.com)?
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    If your current email service allows you to set up an auto-forward then Yes.

    But perhaps that would mean you'd have to keep paying your current email provider [unless it is a free service].

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    asinsh said:
    I was hoping that by downloading outlook 365 (as part of my new Microsoft 365 account) I would be able to turn my email account into one in which I could get access to calendar and to-do across all devices.
    Your answer depends on what accounts you have and how they're setup.

    Using Outlook 365 on both desktop and Android device I sync my calendars, contacts, and tasks, using a third party paid app called CompanionLink (PC side) and DejaOffice (Android side).

    If this is what you're talking about and wish to do, CompanionLink is one choice. You might also take a look at this article... How to Sync Your Contacts Between All Your Devices: iPhone, Android, and the Web
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    Got it, thanks. I'm inclined to find a good MS exchange service provider and go that way. Do people think microsoft itself is the place to get that, or is there a reason to think that a third party host (e.g. rackspace or godaddy) might provide more dependable or secure service?
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    What email account(s) do you have? Those providers are the ones you need to talk to.

    This Microsoft article might be of interest - Can't sync calendar and contacts with my phone or tablet. Note this though where syncing of contacts and stuff is concerned...
    You must have an email provider that uses Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Most common providers like Gmail do.
    Or as I noted, you could try a third party app like CompanionLink (paid) which is what I use.

    I also have an Exchange account through my school, which also allows me to sync my contacts and colander to my school account but I keep my school and personal accounts separate.

    At the end of the day you need to talk to your email providers to see what services they offer.

    Good luck.
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    Hi there


    I assume most ISP's offer email included with their service. The disadvantage of those is that when you are away from your ISP say at work or Internet cafe you won't be able to SEND emails using things like OUTLOOK but will have to rely usually on hideous web based slow and ad-ridden applications. RECEIVE is usually always accessible though.
    Gmail is OK and reasonably secure.

    However if you register for a Domain - if it's simply a basic service - won't cost much and loads of these providers provide several mailboxes for email accounts which work anywhere and you will have a unique email address e,g yourmailbox@yourdoman.xx Often this stuff won't cost more than 10 USD a year if it's just domain registration and one or 2 mail boxes. You don't need to host websites / e-commerce or anything on it.

    IMO Domains are the best way to go for secure email - however while they work with OUTLOOK often the "Auto setup won't work" so manually set them up by starting outlook from the command line / run with outlook.exe /profiles and then you can configure all manually -- use IMAP though then no problem with accessing email from any of your devices.

    If you don't want a Domain then AUTHSMTP provides a global way of being able to SEND emails when away from your ISP with OUTLOOK etc. It simply provides an outgoing mailserver which you use instead of your ISP one. You don't need to change anything on the INBOUND / INCOMING Mail server. Costs around 32 EUR a year - whether you think that's worth it - over to you but it's another option.

    Outgoing authenticated SMTP server and email relay service (solves most SMTP and email relay errors).

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