Today a coworker of mine asked me to check what this kind of meeting invitations are they in his calendar, which is actually
the calendar of Office 365.

When I saw the this I was really worried.
Some person with the name Hyon McKoon asked for a meeting which is set for the next two years.
We don't know any person with such of name, and we are really sure does nobody will ask for any meeting for the next two years.

It looks for me like a possible attack, cos the [%NAME] looks for me as a variable of a script
"Es klappt!" is a German text like "This will be success!" or similar.
And this writing is attached in front of a real meeting.
Like if the script is looping through every day and set his meeting to random dates, and especially in front
of any meeting if any meeting is set on the chosen date.

So, everything looks for me like a possible malware/virus attack.

Look to the picture pls.
Does anyone had such an experience like this?
Is this probably a malware or virus?
I'we checked the system for any possible malware/virus problems but no one was found.

Thanks for any info.

Is this a virus in our MSO365 Calendar?-virus.jpg