I use Outlook 2016 and have four email addresses. Three are pop accounts and all go to a single pst file, while my main email address is a hosted exchange account.

When I initially set this up a year ago, I imported all of my rules to my exchange account, even rules that effect the three pop addresses. The issue with this is; none of my rules work automatically. I have to manually run the rules whenever I need them run.

When I first did this, I was prompted on where I wanted the rules to run from, the outlook client, or from the server. At the time, it seemed like a good idea to run them from exchange, but now I want them to run from the client, but I can't seem to accomplish that.

I've exported the rules, removed all of them, but when I re-import them, they re-import right back to the exchange server.

Any idea's on how I can reset the rules so they will run from the outlook client instead of exchange server?

Thank you.