Hi folks,

I wanted to share here a link to some Setup Guides which help IT Admins setup Microsoft 365 / Office 365 services. https://aka.ms/setupguidance

Background: I used to own my own small business helping migrate businesses to the cloud (Google Apps/G Suite/Google Workspace or BPOS/Office 365/Microsoft 365.) About 6 years ago I submitted critical feedback to Microsoft about how challenging the services were to setup at that time, and Microsoft appreciated the feedback enough to hire me to make things a little easier.

You need to have a tenant administrator login to a valid M365 tenant in order to check out the guides. Anyone can get a free trial (which comes with a tenant admin login) here: Compare All Microsoft Office Products | Microsoft Office

(I have a single seat tenant with what is now called Microsoft 365 Business Standard, which I use for my test tenant because I tired of setting up new trials as the trials expired. Its a good value for small businesses, if you are looking for a suggestion on which product to choose.)

Id love to get your feedback on the Setup Guides so that my team can keep improving on these guides, and making life a little easier for IT Pros who are trying to deploy/configure Microsoft 365 online services and applications.


Mike Bailey

Microsoft Program Manager