Which Office?

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    Which Office?

    Two completely different situations I'm trying to resolve.

    1. An elderly couple share a desktop PC. They are seeking my advice on a replacement PC, that's straightforward. However I'm uncertain about Office.. They currently run Office 2003 on it. They use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook; may occasionally need Publisher. So Microsoft 365 would seem to be the way forward.
      • They each have their own Login. Does that represent 2 Users?
      • Is a Microsoft account required for each person to install or manage such an installation?
      • The couple also have 2 laptops which currently have their own Office installation, later version but I suspect in the future they may prefer to be able to bring Office on all PCs into line. Are there any further implications there?​

    2. I have both a desktop & a laptop PC, both running Office 2010 Professional. Iím the only user and use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher. Want to learn Access but havenít got round to it yet. I donít have a Microsoft Account (do have an old style desktop Skype login but itís not an email address). Clearly it seems Microsoft 365 Personal is the way forward. Around a total of £60 / year for up to date Office on 2 PCs seems like a good deal.
      • Do I need to have a Microsoft Account?

    Maybe Iím unnecessarily concerned about Microsoft Accounts, itís just that it seems more and more ďaccountsĒ are needed these days.
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    1.1 I agree that Microsoft 365 Family is the only option [£80 each year].
    Find the right solution for you - MS
    Microsoft 365 Family FAQ - MS
    - they need Outlook so Home & Student is not suitable
    - They have 2 users so 365 Personal is not suitable.
    - They will be able to add it to their laptops as well, because they can have a total of 6 'users', and the only significant implication is of increased internet use for Office updates. But they might choose to stick with their existing versions - you don't mention what they are but I think you mean that they are Office 2007 or later [I still use Office 2007 and intend to keep doing so].

    1.2 Yes, they will need an MSAccount to install.
    MS said:
    As part of signing up for a trial or purchasing Microsoft 365, you will be prompted to sign in with a Microsoft account. You must be signed in with this account to install and manage your Microsoft 365 subscription, or to use some subscription benefits, including OneDrive storage
    - they also need to connect to the internet "regularly" to allow updates [I think that is monthly but I don't think I have seen MS state that]

    2 Yes, you could get Office 365. I think the Personal version [£60 each year] would be better for you unless you might get an additional computer in the future [rather than a replacement].
    - I don't know where you get the "on 2 PCs" from. As I understand it, Office Personal is only for a single PC & a single user. If the links I posted do not help you resolve that question then perhaps that annoying MS agent icon that keeps appearing on those webpages can provide the answer.
    - Yes, you will need an MSAccount just as your friends will.
    - The database capabilities of Excel 2007 & onwards [mainly its Filter capabilities] are so extensive that I have gradually reduced my Access usage to a single database {one that requires extensive use of forms}.
    - - Businesses tend to distrust Access as being impossible to secure so they commonly use other database applications.
    - - Perhaps studying Excel & VBA would be a more productive use of your time. If part of your motivation is to be more valuable at work then I'd say Excel & VBA is definitely the way to go.

    Best of luck,
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    Thanks. I used that Agent link and asked
    A question about Microsoft 365 Personal. How many devices - all Windows 10 - can I install this on?

    The reply was
    The Microsoft 365 Personal is good for maximum of 5 devices.

    So that covers both my PCs.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I do use Excel & VBA for some quite extensive situations but perhaps not as much as I could. In my retirement I just felt that I'd like to get to know Access but haven't yet put my mind to it.
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    Interesting. Thanks for posting back.

    In filing your post away, I stumbled over a link that confirms what the agent told you
    Switch to Microsoft 365 Family or Microsoft 365 Personal - MS
    MS said:
    You can install premium Office apps on all your devices and be signed in to Office on 5 devices at a time

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    Thanks, I thought I'd seen it somewhere but when you first replied I couldn't find the link.
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    You can find some cheap Office licences on Amazon and eBay. Ensure any download link given works with a genuine MS server before you buy.
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    Took the plunge this morning and bought Microsoft 365 Personal for my 2 PCs. Downloaded & installed it on my desktop, no problems. All the apps I use/want - Outlook (5 POP mail boxes), Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access. All functioning fine. Just had to change a few defaults to suit me.

    I notice that in the installed program list it refers to Microsoft 365 - en-us. I'm in the UK so is that normal for me or did I miss something during install?

    I'll do similar on my laptop this afternoon.

    I notice that Office 2010 is still installed and available. Clearly I intend to use 365 from now on unless major issues arise so will probably keep 2010 for a couple of weeks - just in case.

    When I do decide to remove 2010 which is the best method? Normal uninstall, Revo, or what?
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    If I may, I wouldn't worry about getting rid of Office 2010 before installing a newer version except in the issue of having to make a choice of which to use. It's simply an issue with us older folks in remembering. I'm 80 with the advantage of working with/on computers daily, right now it's a Vizio 24" All-in-One CA24t with everything built into the base of the stand.

    Office 2007 was the first to have the new file formats which added the x to the file name extension such as .docx, .xlsx, etc. Office 2010 was the first with a choice of either 32-bit or 64-bit installations, going from Office 2003 32-bit to Office 2010 64-bit cost me the loss of FrontPage, wasn't compatible.

    My experience is that Office 2007 and later have good compatibility with files created as early as in Office 97. If anything gives trouble it's usually with Macros.
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    Office 2007 x64


    Office 2007 was, in fact, the first to offer itself in both x86 & x64 versions.

    Office 2007, Disk 1, x64 installation folders
    Which Office?-office-2007-disk-1-x64-installation-folders.png

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    Try3 said:

    Office 2007 was, in fact, the first to offer itself in both x86 & x64 versions.

    Technically you are right but I don't mention that as I could get it only from the Microsoft Partners program I was in.
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