Hi folks

seem to be getting some random outlook 2019 problems with some recent Windows builds (insider releases)

Mail randomly sits in Outbox and doesn't get sent on some accounts but not others. I know it's not the mail server as I can also use a web application roundcoube which doesn't have problems sending or receiving from those accounts that outlook seems to have problems with. No problem with INBOUND emails.

Is this again Windows security getting its (and everybody else's knickers in a twist).

This happens on email accounts that need proper manual set up (you can't use the "simplified" outlook screens you ned to start the manual setup from the control panel app or start manually (outlook.exe /profile)

Outlook 2019 problems with some recent windows builds-outlook.png

(english equivalent --this is the test screen after setting up / changing the accounts via manual process).

Grrrrhhhh !!!

Thunderbird works OK but IMO it's a pain compared with OUTLOOK 2019.