Hello everybody,

the following page shows the amount of data to be downloaded for Office updates from the past few months:

After having noticed the amount of data in practice in a negative way, I took the trouble and did all updates from 12325.20298 to 12827.20336 in the current channel.
Somehow however, I measured completely different amounts of data than specified - even over twice as much!
Around 3.4GB in less than half a year... somehow sick if you ask me.

Did the same thing with 11929.20562 to 11929.20838 in the Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel.
Here I come to roughly the same amounts than specified.
Apart from a reproducible outlier (400MB for 11929.20752 -> .20776) which, funnily enough, is missing in the list.
If I leave this out, its almost 400MB for the same period - much "better".

Can anyone confirm the big deviation in the current channel?

Thanks and greetings,