MS Office 2019 Home & Student - storable as an ISO file?

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    Windows 10 Pro X64

    MS Office 2019 Home & Student - storable as an ISO file?

    Dear TenForums:

    DaveC here - after having a disastrous solid-state disk crash back on May 7 with my Win10 X64 CAD desktop, now I've GOT to re-install ALL my applications and fonts, which COULD take quite a long time.

    The "old" SSD was a Samsung half-terabyte capacity drive, holding my 250 GB C: volume for Windows 10 X64 (version 1903), and a similar-capacity D: drive for applications. My data is always stored on a conventional hard drive, usually lettered "E:", so the SSD drive crash couldn't take IT out as well.

    I've got a number of ISO files for re-installing applications for such a disaster - currently with DesignCAD v.25 64-bit, AutoCAD 2009 LT (usually installed with Longbow Software's "Converter" installation manager in Win10 X64), and other titles.

    I HAVE been a longtime user of MS Office 2007's Word and Excel applications, but as those are NO longer supported by Microsoft, since the time of the SSD crash back on the seventh, I HAVE seriously been thinking of acquiring a copy of MS Office 2019 for Home and Student, at Newegg's page for it.

    One question, ISO files ARE a great way tor e-install an application quickly, that "keycard" method of purchasing MS Office 2019 mentioned at Newegg's page MIGHT not allow saving an important "office app" like that as an ISO file for quick re-install if it was ever needed...

    ...I am NOT into "subscription software" by any means (lifelong disability with neurodiversity/Aspergers', and out of work since September 2008) as it's not affordable, even on Social Security Retirement (started on it in April 2020).

    So, is there ANY way such a purchasable version of MS Office can be, at any time in the install/use process, still BE saveable as an ISO file for quick re-installation should it ever be needed?

    "Just asking" in advance of ANY order for a's hoping that SOME sort of help could be coming!

    Thanks in advance and Yours Sincerely,
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  2. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    Hi Dave.

    Would recommend you look into a free product like Macrium to Image your System. Then when you lose drive you just install new drive and restore. The free version does everything you will need.

    Backup and Restore with Macrium Reflect

    Useful in all kinds of conditions like bad update or bad prog install.

    As to Office. When you buy and download you actually setup an account. If you need another copy you just sign in and download again. Think when I originally did it there was a file I could store on device but I deleted as it was just taking up space. They may have changed that.

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    For the sake of economy do you really need Microsoft Office? You might if your other programs require it but most times the free LibreOffice suffices quite well, compatible with most Office formats, only thing it doesn't include is Outlook and Publisher equivalents to the offerings with Office.
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    Windows 10 Home, 64-bit

    I would have misgivings about purchasing Office from "Platinum Micro" via Newegg.

    It may be trouble free and legit. Or not.

    It's 125 dollars at your link.

    It's 150 dollars direct from Microsoft.

    You have to decide if saving 25 dollars is worth any anxiety or doubt.

    The "product key" will just be a piece of cardboard sent to you by regular mail containing the activation code. You'd still have to download the software from Microsoft.
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    The instructions at Use the Office offline installer - Office Support tell you how to download an 'offline installer' - does that give you any confidence that it can be done (I haven't tried it). Oh, the 6th comment (by 'Virgil') at the Newegg page confirms this.
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    I DID manage to get it from Newegg...but the INSTALLATION procedure...

    Dear TenForums Users:
    DaveC here again - I DID manage to get my "product keycard" from Newegg for a download of MS Office 2019, but that "download" procedure has proven out...for a lifelong neurodiverse, Asperger's patient like me (diagnosed in the 2nd half of 2014) be TRYING my patience, whenever I've attempted it!

    There seems to be NO form of "poking around" at Microsoft's site when it comes to "learning how to do the download properly", simply to find out HOW to do it properly. Some neurodiverse individuals like myself HAVE to do some degree of "poking around" with a site to LEARN how to do it properly, and Microsoft's site seems to be dedicated to making ANY such method nearly impossible to use. Each step I've attempted to follow, seem to only allow ONE "crack at it" with NO "second chance" to get it done properly, per Microsoft's design...and then, the "pressure to go subscription ONLY" begins!

    It's as if Microsoft is trying to FORCE anyone, with challenges like I've got, that wants to download and use Office to HAVE to go for the "subscription option" to the exclusion of all others...and it's getting me really steamed, while I also have to manage my move-out from my late mother's house, getting everything moved-into a storage unit I recently started to rent, getting my first-ever smartphone (a Motorola e6 Moto "basic smartphone" to save some funds) and a myriad of other, "needed tasks" done properly and "on-time" just to go forward with the move, which isn't really going to get into "high gear" for at least another two to three months, when my late mother's home goes on the market for sale at the end of the summer.

    The suggestion of using an open-software office suite IS sounding a bit better to my ears, as I found out that the free-of-cost LibreOffice suite has a 64-bit version for WIn-10 X64 users...thankfully, as a "side note", I was recently able to get my licensed main raster-graphic handling suite, CorelDRAW Suite X7's 64-bit version re-installed successfully, so THAT important software solution is once again usable on my PC.

    I'd be completely open to accessing AND reading-through any existing tutorials already authored here at TenForums, on getting the modern Microsoft Office 2019 Home "downloadable" suite installed as my first option, WITHOUT all the "subscription pressure" that Microsoft heaps on disabled users like myself...I'd solely save the LibreOffice "solution" as the backstop to insurmountable problems in getting MS Office 2019 installed and working, as document COMPATIBILITY between any "replacement suite" and MS Office are ALWAYS uppermost in my mind when considering one.

    So, with the "document compatibility issue" driving the need to get my new copy of Office 2019 Home downloaded & installed, withOUT any more "subscription-pushing felgercarb" coming in from Microsoft, are there any existing TenForums "forum tutorials" in regards to the MS Office 2019 download "challenge" I find myself with, or IS the potential issue of compatibility between a 64-bit open-source office suite like LibreOffice and MS Office "not so much" of an issue any longer, if it was an issue in the past?

    Thanks in advance and Yours Sincerely,
    Dave C
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  7. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    Sorry, what is it you are trying to do.

    If you want to buy Office you still can and it does not use a subscription.

    At newegg

    Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019 | One-time purchase, 1 device | PC/Mac Keycard -

    as an example. This one cost so much because it has Outlook.

    You do need to sign into an account, think I recall You download and install. In five years from now you need to install again you log in, download and install.
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    I've GOT the Office Home & Student "keycard", but DOWNLOADING it...

    Dear Ken:

    DaveC here again - I've GOT the MS Office 2019 Home & Student software's "product keycard" here at home now, and ready to DOWNLOAD the ".iso" file for its installation, but as my previous post relates, TRYING to figure out HOW to so it through "poking around" at MS's pages for it, only allows ONE visit before the "flood of subscription choices" SUFFOCATES any manner of learning HOW to do it properly...

    ...THAT is why I asked about any tutorials on proper ways of doing it, that would solely exist in the TenForums library of tutorials.

    It's just that, with everything I'm attempting to handle these days with my impending moveout from my late mother's home by year's end, learning how to do it properly is getting increasingly difficult to figure out.

    So, a BIT of help in getting around MS's pages for properly downloading the needed ".iso file" FOR it would be helpful...please, anyone?

    Thanks in advance and Yours sincerely,
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  9. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 21H1

    I'm really not sure you can download an iso, and they have some term Click to run.

    It all depends what you bought at newegg.

    You can buy a subscription, which is fact is just a lease of the software for one year or you can buy the one time payment product.

    I would imagine if you bought the one time payment package there would be some advertising to get the subscription, much as there are ads to get get an MS id when you decide local, but they should just be click through.

    If panels are more meaningful, say it is asking for credit card numbers you don't have the one time payment product. my opinion.

    I've loaded the onetime payment product, although it has been a little while, but it is straight forward. Login or create account, key in product code and click download.

    The product you bought from Newegg, it clearly states on the description "one time purchase". You can also usually tell by price as well, packages with Outlook are north of $150. Not always but generally.
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  10. ignatzatsonic's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Home, 64-bit

    I agree with the OP.

    There may be a simple way to download the non-365 version, but it isn't easy to find. I spent 10 minutes and gave up. Every rabbit hole dead ends without a clearcut method for non-365.

    They could obviously make it a prominent link or path to the link, but choose not to do so.

    I'd agree MS is deliberately doing this to make the standalone "one time purchase" product obscure.
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