I recently bought an Office 365 home package. Everything syncs and works just fine except.... I just can't add my Outlook calendar to my favorite calendar app (business calendar pro) or any other calendar app for that matter. It just doesn't show up as an option. When I go to accounts on my phone and tap on the Microsoft exchange account it shows that everyting can be synced except the calendar. Next to the calendar is a little warning icon and at the bottom is an explenation:

Currently there ar problems with syncing. Will be working soon.

Problem adding Outlook calendar to Android phone (Galaxy S9+)-screenshot_20200131-145631_settings.jpg

The funny thing is that when I open Outlook on my phone and go to calendar, It does actually show the outlook calendar as well as my Google calendar. So can anyone please help me solve this problem? I just contacted Microsoft support and they say that they do not really give support for these kind of problems.