Version: Excel 2016
Operating Systems: Windows 7 + Windows 10
File location: Normal SMB-shared network locations

Hi TenForums, I have a small issue that is occurring multiple times a month. I am looking for a way to get started in troubleshooting this and hopefully solving it.

The following scenario is made up for simplicity, but it is actually very close to the actual case: Multiple computers and multiple users and the problem does not occur only for one Excel-file, usually when they contact me it is a different file every time and it can be stored on any network location, doesn't make a difference.

When someone opens an Excel-file that is supposed to be shared, then an error message may appear saying the file has been locked by <person>. This is all fine and dandy, but when you get to <person> and ask them to unlock it, then they have no idea what you're talking about. The point is: It wasn't actually <person> who locked it, it just happened somehow. This can also be verified by checking the AD-logs which confirms that every time a person "denies it", it is actually true. It seems that some files lock themselves, or the file doesn't realize that it should be unlocked.

This usually solves itself within a few hours, but I would really like a tip on how to start troubleshooting this. The absolute best would be to write a script and deploy it to the target machine every time they contact us.

Thanks for any help.

Kind regards