No new email popup

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    Windows 10 Professional

    No new email popup

    Windows 10 Pro, Office 2019

    I give up. I’ve looked through a dozen different things on the Internet, all telling me they can FIX the “not getting notifications for new emails”. Nothing has worked.

    Yes – I’ve opened File, gone to Mail Arrival, made sure the box is checked to display a desktop alert.

    I’ve gone to Settings, Notifications and seen the Outlook IS there. Opened Outlook and Notifications are ON. On the Outlook screen the “Show notification banners” is checked, “Hide content when notifications are on lock screen” is OFF, Play a sound when a notification arrives is “ON”…

    So far, those two things have been what EVERYTHING I’ve read says will get me the sound and popup on the screen I’ve had for the last umpteen years with Outlook 2007, in Office 2019.

    And as far as I know, I’m NOT sending the incoming email to the “non default” folder – it’s the same “Inbox” in the same Personal Folders I’ve had forever…

    I finally created a rule to display a sort-of popup, but it’s pretty kludgy….

    How do I get this thing to give me a normal “new mail” noise and a normal popup?
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    Check Control Panel's Sound, Sound tab for the notification sound and test it. In Settings go to System, Sound, Sound Control Panel for the same.
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    All the sounds on the system work fine.... EXCEPT, here's what I'm seeing on the Desktop Mail Notification

    No new email popup-capture.jpg

    I can find information on the "yellow triangle" in a variety of posts, but nothing so far about what causes it in this specific situation. Hopefully, whatever is causing this is ALSO causing the whole popup not to work.

    So how do I get rid of this thing?
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4170

    That item is, by defult, C:\Windows\Media\Windows Notify Email.wav but you have not shown that section of the dialog in your post.

    You can use the browse button to select it {assuming it exists} or you can use the dropdown list in the dialog ["Sounds:"] to select another one.

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    There was NO list of sounds for that entry. I switched to a different item that had a sound and there WAS a list. When I went back to the mail notification it no longer had a triangle. Now there were a bunch of sounds available, but none for email.wav. By dumb luck I searched and found a post that said if you don't find email.wav, see if the Sounds are using System (modified) for the sound scheme. Set it back to System.

    I did and there was an email.wave sound.

    Changed it, tested it and it worked, and sent myself an email.......... No sound, no popup.

    So I have a sound that WOULD (hopefully) work if it displayed the popup? But since that still doesn't work, I'm guessing the sound won't play?

    I'm sure this is going to be something simple that I missed...
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4170

    There was NO list of sounds for that entry
    But the browse button would still have allowed you to select one.

    sent myself an email.......... No sound, no popup
    You also need to tell Outlook that you want a sound to play & to have a Desktop alert. I am on a different version of Outlook [2007]. For Office 2016 they were set at
    [sub-heading] Message arrival,
    - Play a sound & Display a desktop alert.

    You can also set them up in Rules & alerts. Just for example, I have specific .wav files set to play when specific people send me email and, for the less important ones, I have a silent Desktop alert instead.
    - You go to File, Info, Manage rules & alerts
    - I have attached my TenForums.wav TenForums.wav

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    That was the first thing checked. I've listed a bunch of the things I've gone through to try to get Office 2019 to give me a popup - unfortunately, it APPEARS to be different than 2016, and DRASTICALLY different than 2007 or 2010, both of which worked perfectly for me for years.......

    So far, I've been totally unimpressed with Office 2019.
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  8. NMI
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    Outlook alerts require an Outlook shortcut in the normal Start menu programs folder:

    No desktop alerts (toast notifications) if the Outlook Start menu shortcut is missing

    If missing, it could be restored with a Quick Repair; which is worth a try anyway.
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 22H2 Build 19045.4170


    Jimbo's diagram [below] confirms the location of the Outlook 2019, Outlook Options I listed for you and his post confirms that the scheme works on his computer.

    If the proper way isn't working, isn't the use of Rules & alerts a decent workaround?

    I was totally unimpressed with Office 2016 so I decided to stick with Office 2007 for the next decade or so.

    NMI's link is for Windows 8.* not for Windows 10. If you are going to try it anyway then make sure you keep notes of what you do so that you can undo it [or make another system image before starting].

    Best of luck,
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    Hi folks

    are you sure you've enabled the correct options in Outlook 2019

    here's mine --- I don't like sound or notifications but I get a little envelope in the taskbar when email arrives -- BTW it's HIDEOUS if in an open plan office and there's all sorts of sounds and beeps when people receive email on computers / phones --or perhaps people are so used to noise these days so so not bothered by it !!!

    It should be set in Outlook 2019>>>properties -- you don't (or shouldn't) need to set anything in the windows sounds events unless you want to change the default sound thing -- how about barking dog sound !!!.

    No new email popup-post.png

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