We have five computers on our network - all running Windows 10 Pro 1903 and Office 365. Our 'server' is simply a system dedicated to storing shared files. On the server we have three internal hard drives - one as a boot/system drive, the others are dedicated to data and are called (and shared as) Data 1 and Data 2. From each of the other four computers, drive L: is assigned to the Data 1 share and M: is Data 2.

We have a new PC which is able to map and access all files, including Word, Excel, images, PDFs etc, without a problem. But there are two odd things going on:

1. In trying to run Access, the file opens but sort of craps out when an early macro is encountered and gives a 2950 error, which seems to be related to "trusted locations." I have tried adding the necessary locations manually. I have also chosen to "Enable Content" when presented with that security warning. But no combination seems to work. It keeps telling me that it can't compile a particular equation - essentially that there is a field type error. But that seems to be a red herring. That same macro works everywhere else and the '2950' number points to a "trusted location" issue of some sort. When combined with the other problem (below), it seems as though there is a network issue. (Note: The database is split, with the front end stored on the user's C: drive and the data on the Data 2 share.

2. In Outlook, our PST files have always been stored on Data 2. In first installing Office 365, Outlook created a local PST file. We added the older (existing) PST that was on Data 2 as a data file and then made it the default file. From the Account Settings/Email dialog box, we then clicked on the lower button for "Change Folder" and told Outlook to store incoming messages to the Data 2 PST file (instead of the default local PST).

The Send/Receive function works fine when mail is being told to be stored in the local PST, but it hangs on the receiving portion if the messages are supposed to go to the Data 2 PST (even if there is no mail actually incoming). The Data 2 PST appears fine within Outlook and email can be move/deleted etc. into and out of that data file without an issue. The ONLY thing that doesn't seem to be working correctly is receiving mail directly to the networked share.

Any idea on what to try?

Thanks much in advance,