Is there anything I should know before buying Office 2019

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    Is there anything I should know before buying Office 2019

    I've been running Office 2007 for a long time. I think it's time to replace it with Office 2019.

    Is there anything I need to know about before I buy? What things are fundamentally different?
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    You might find this article interesting in comparing Office 365 and the standalone Office 2019 versions. I'd recommend getting 365 instead, unless you can't afford the annual subscription charge.
    Pros And Cons Of The New Microsoft Office 2019 |
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    Pro with Office 365/2019 on a monthly subscription, you pay a small amount each month vs the con of having to come up with the full cost of the office package that you want, which far exceeds the monthly payment. $6.99/month or $69.99/year vs over $100 for a non-subscription cost up front.
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    Windows 10 Home 1909 fully updated.

    If you intend to use and keep Office 2019 for a long period and do not need continuous improvement to function then buying can be cheaper than renting. I used Office 2003 for 7 years and then 2010 for 9 years. Never had a problem and never needed improved function, so when it came to 2019 I bought it. The rental equivalent meant over less than 3 years I would have paid for the bought version. Be aware that Office 2019 is barely distinguishable in function from 2016 so you might be cheaper buying the older version.
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    I dont know what "machine learning capabilities" I need for an office suite other than spellcheck. It's hardly rocket science. Ask yourself what do you ususally need word/excel/outlook for, what do you need it for day to day.

    You'll find that a desktop version fits the bill.

    I would suggest getting office 2013 or 2016 on the cheap from a reputable retailer. SOme of these are still sold in the developing world, and they're dirt cheap. You can buy the full suite for the cost of 2 months office 365 subscription.
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    FWIW; left unsaid, so far, is the 1TB Onedrive space offered with the subscription ($70/yr by itself), enough plus the ability to install Office on 5 computers vs one. Also features are updated constantly vs just security updates on 2019. If you plan to keep 3 yrs until next version, the subscription works out cheaper even w/o the added perks.
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    Do take notice of the differences between the Business and Home versions, Business doesn't have Publisher which was important for our church in putting out the weekly bulletin.
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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 21H2 Build 19044.1776

    Office 2016 compared to Office 2007

    0 Intro
    0.1 I spent a year trying out Office 2016 before resolving to stick with Office 2007 until hell freezes over.
    0.2 I understand that every one of the characteristics below continues into Office 2019.
    0.3 Do please note that not every one of the comments below is an adverse one. Comments 1.4 & 1.5 are positive.

    1 General
    1.1 Contrast is a dirty word - different screen areas are shown in slightly different shades of grey that I found could not be distinguished at a glance
    1.2 Contrast is a dirty word - many icons, including Quick access toolbar icons, are drawn in white on coloured backgrounds and are nowhere near as obvious to the eye as coloured ones.
    1.3 The File menu, if clicked on, covers the whole Office window and so is a distraction from whatever work was being done in the open file.
    1.4 Ribbon tabs can be customised & additional custom ones displayed by setting them up through the UI instead of having to design & write CustomUIs as add-ins
    1.5 Word & Excel file-open passwords are much more secure than those in Office 2007 [which was the first decently-secure password system Office had & it remains good]. The components that decide if an offered password is correct or not have been deliberately made slower in operation so that brute-force password attacks take forever and a day. I have never been able to find an assessment of Access file-open passwords that explains how current versions fare compared to Access 2007 [passwords for Access 2007 databases under 25MB apparently have a vulnerability that Excel 2007 & Word 2007 file passwords do not].

    2 Access
    2.1 There is no option to colour alternate spreadsheet view rows in, for example, light green & light blue. Indistinguishable shades of grey are the rule now. This makes keeping on the right row difficult if you are looking across a large speadsheet view table.
    2.2 Databases are not backwards-compatible. An Access 2016 database cannot always be opened in Office 2007 because user interface elements are not backwards-compatible.

    3 Outlook
    3.1 Lack of colour-contrast in mail folders makes seeing where the message preview pane starts more difficult
    3.2 Lack of colour-contrast in contacts folder makes seeing where each contact starts more difficult
    3.3 The small & subtle popups in Calendar view as the cursor moves over different items have been replaced with huge ones that obscure large portions of the view and distract from whatever you had intended to look at [particularly if you are moving the cursor across the Calendar to reach a specific place].
    3.4 The [to-do bar] Date picker cannot occupy the whole of a right-hand column giving a view of, for example, 7 months and allowing specific dates or ranges of dates to be selected for viewing.
    3.5 The [to-do bar] Date picker can only be one month [or possibly two months] and it appears in the left-hand navigation bar [shoving your own navigation bar shortcuts down the window or off the bottom of the window whenever you choose a Calendar view].
    3.6 Use of metered connections is flagged up onscreen as if it were some sort of error condition that has to overwridden every time pop email needs to be checked.
    3.7 EMail accounts cannot be created for pop email retrieval straightaway. They must first be created as Exchange accounts and then altered. The procedure to avoid this problem is described in Disable Outlook’s New Account Setup Wizard - SlipStick [I also have a vague recollection that workarounds have been explained in recent TenForum threads on the subject but have been unable to find them]

    4 MS Office Picture manager
    4.1 Discontinued.

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    Windows 10 Home 1909 fully updated.

    Try3 said:
    ...3.7 EMail accounts cannot be created for pop email retrieval straightaway. They must first be created as Exchange accounts and then altered...
    Not true in any version of Outlook, 2003 thru 2019, that I've used.
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    win 10 pro

    it is better and smoother than others.
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