Setting up Exchange on Andriod with school Office 365 account

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    Same here Sygnus21. No multiple hurdles to setup Outlook on my Apple Devices. Going the other way is more steps than needed, unless you stick with Alphabet only.
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    sygnus21 said:
    Well "email" can be setup to use different protocols. Anyway if the "email account" requires an Exchange account than that's what you have to use.

    Outlook loads no slower or faster than the default android app. And I've been using the android app for years until I moved to Office 365. Now I find the Outlook app works extremely well with both my IMAP and my O365 exchange email accounts, as well as my Google account. That's 4 accounts in all and nothing is bogged down or slowed.

    And as one who actually uses the email app, I'm not sure what "multistep requirement to access the Calendar and Contacts" means since both Contacts and Calendar can be accessed directly when checking your email...

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    Magnifying glass = Contacts (also provides search). Calendar icon = Calendar. Perhaps you're looking at the wrong app?

    At any rate you got your issue solved so good luck.
    My Outlook app loads noticeably slower. I don't know about yours, maybe it's device dependent. The Android one is practically instant after the first launch I think. I'm not talking about when the window pops up. I'm talking about when the emails actually show up and you can do something.

    Outlook Calendar = -> launch Outlook -> click Calendar icon
    Android Calendar = -> launch Calendar

    Outlook Contacts = -> launch Outlook -> click Search -> click Contacts (bizarre UX experience sequence btw)
    Android Contacts = -> click Contacts

    Also, to me the primary operation of a "phone" should primarily revolve around Contacts.
    Once you find a contact, you can call him, text him, email him.

    THIS is what the Outlook app seems to lets you do. Click around just to get to contacts as mentioned above. Then after you find a contact, all you can do is email him. You can't even see his phone number. What kind of phone app is that? It's more like a PC app for emailing as a primary form of communication because there's no phone connected to the PC so the phone number (or text) is irrelevant.

    Consequently, it doesn't populate nor sync your "phone" contacts.

    Outlook for Android is made to be an email app on a tablet or something like that. But the fact that they hide the phone number either makes it look like a bug...or they don't want to emphasize usage of this on a "phone" for whatever reason.

    Also the colored circles with letters in them do nothing for me. It's more like a distraction. Is this supposed to be something that is trained in some sort of productivity course? I have no clue how it helps. :P
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    rasmasyean said:
    I'm not talking about when the window pops up. I'm talking about when the emails actually show up and you can do something.

    Outlook Calendar = -> launch Outlook -> click Calendar icon
    Android Calendar = -> launch Calendar
    Look I'm not here to convince you of anything, but honestly I think you're using bad excuses to justify not wanting to use the Outlook app. If you don't want to use the app that's perfectly fine, but your reasons really aren't sensible.

    And I am talking about "when the emails actually show up and you can do something". Just like any other email app, if you've got an email, it'll be there when you open the app, or if downloading one will be quick depending on net traffic.

    This isn't my first rodeo with an Android phone as I've been using them and their default email apps since 2005. I finally moved from the android email client to the O365 Outlook app around 2017 when it became available to Android devices, and after having strange sync issues with the Android email app on my Samsung S7 Edge. I now run a Samsung Note 9.

    rasmasyean said:
    Outlook Calendar = -> launch Outlook -> click Calendar icon
    Android Calendar = -> launch Calendar
    Yeah I can see how time consuming that one extra click is.

    Anyway I sync my PC's Outlook calendar to Android's Calendar so that whatever is in Outlook also reflects in Android's default calendar app. And if I put something in the Android app, it's reflected back to the PC with is sync'd to my phone. The same goes for my Contacts.

    Anyway time to move on as I don't want to get into an argument on this. Glad you got your issue solved and you're happy.

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    It might be because your phone is new so any difference is not noticeable.
    Mine (Sony Xperia Z3) came out 5 years ago apparently.

    This is how it behaves.

    I just launched them for the first time today:
    Android Email - 2 seconds
    Outlook Email - 8 seconds

    I launch them again:
    Android Email - instant
    Outlook Email - 3

    I kill all apps via the task manager and then run them:
    Android Email - 2 seconds
    Outlook Email - 10 seconds

    It does make sense that an App that has multiple functions *should* be slower, all other things being equal...even assuming no OS skew by the different companies.

    But you also said in the other thread that you used a 3rd party tool to sync both Calendar and Contacts between Office365 and Android. So the Outlook Android app doesn't do it for you either. It's pretty much a nerfed version of the Desktop version where they try to cram those things into one application. Don't get me wrong, it's hands down, the best Desktop communication tool I've ever used. But for a phone (which you're not supposed to compose massive emails on anyway), I think having to go through an email interface just to check on daily schedules is unnecessary. And since the even deeper buried Contacts part doesn't offer anything except email addresses...

    It would be different if they offered Outlook Email, Outlook Calendar, Outlook Contacts. The initial access point then becomes the actual phone itself, where you can additionally rearrange icons to suit your preference as well as hand/phone size. The way it's designed now UX-wise favors the Email tool as the primary usage for the phone...which would be A LOT better if they get the Contacts part to be able to dial / text someone.
    Last edited by rasmasyean; 12 Oct 2019 at 12:18. Reason: typo, 6->5 years
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