My old laptop broke down and I've replaced it with new one with Win10 and Office 2007 on it.

I have a back-up (on an external drive) from my old laptop that has Outlook files on it that go way back to Office 2000 (time flies...!) and those emails are related to an email address that I do not have any longer. I haven't used Outlook for a couple of years: I lived abroad and gmail was much more practical with having all my stuff online instead of changing to local email addresses in each country. I've never bothered to reinstall those old Outlook back-up files but would like to consult some old correspondence now.

Problem: the external drive split the large pst and bak files into portions. For instance I now have 1 RAR file that contains 3 pst files (195.975KB, 8.263KB and 176KB) all bearing the same name "outlook.pst". In another RAR file I have another file called outlook.pst (71.534KB). The same thing happened for the bak files: they got split up into various RAR files and those RAR files contain files that bear the same name.

What I would like to do is to have those 4 pst files merged to have 1 outlook.pst file again but when I extract with WinRAR it looks like the 195.975KB gets overwritten with the 8.263KB which then gets overwritten with the 176KB. The same thing happens when trying to add the 4th file from the 2nd RAR file to the first RAR file. The problem is that they all have to same name. How can I get 1 outlook.pst file again?

My second question is related to Outlook itself. When I open the program it asks me to connect it to an email address. I backed out for now because I do not know what to do. I can connect it to a current email address, but if I do this will I still be able to see all the old correspondence which is related to an email address that doesn't exist any longer? I do not use Outlook for current emails but I wouldn't want to lose that old correspondence.

Thank you for your help!


How much easier my life would be if there weren't new versions for everything all the time... I would actually get some work done !