Office 2019 - Microsoft Account needed?

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    I install LibreOffice for those customer that want to avoid any software expense.

    No issues opening or storing Office docs that I've come across. That said I haven't been dealing with super complex financial spreadsheets that some finance departments can create.

    LibreOffice understands the need to be compatible with the 800 pound gorilla called Office if they want to be successful.

    If you have an email account (even if you don't use it for email) you have access to Office suite (Word, PP, excel), the only catch is they are used online.
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    You can still get Office 2016 as far as I know.

    Support for both 2016 and 2019 ends in 2025.

    I don't think there are any multi-license packages for 2019. Not sure about 2016.

    Office 2016 will run on Windows 7. I don't think the non-subscription Office 2019 will. Office 365 is still supposed to be OK with Win 7.

    As far as I know, you need a Microsoft account to activate either 2016 or 2019, but not after that.

    There is some sort of update thingy out there called "Click To Run". I'm not sure what horrors it introduces and I don't know if it is avoidable on Office 2019.

    I'm still on Office 2010 Home and Student with no issues. I plan to stay there until and unless I have major issues with it. I have a one-PC household with no mobile devices and have no use for a subscription.
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    Caledon Ken - I guess if a user wanted to test open source vs. Microsoft Office they could always keep their version of Microsoft Office installed but also install LibreOffice and change the file associations in Windows 10 in Windows Settings > Apps > Default apps > 'Set defaults by app' or 'Choose default applications by file type' changing .doc, .docx etc. to LibreOffice or equivalent. If this test does not work one could always change back to using Microsoft Office.

    ignatzatsonic - That's another one of my gripes. Microsoft Office end of support dates for the newer fixed versions are arriving more promptly so you can put your hand in your pocket and get your credit card out sooner than later. Die hards like us who are still on 2007 and 2010 add no profit to Microsoft. Users currently using Windows 7 or XP also destroy the Microsoft business model, but getting back to Office I don't currently need any more functionality than is in 2007 even though I would imagine the later versions of 2016 and 2019 are more secure through Windows Update.
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    This may just confuse things even more but here goes. I can get keys for Office 2019 Professional Plus via my My Visual Studio Subscription. I have two different sets of keys. One set of keys listed as Retail Keys will only work with the associated ISO download. The other set of keys also listed as Retail will only work with the "Get Office" App. I don't think it is Office 365? Not really sure what the difference is to be honest, I've been sticking to the ISO installs.
    Something I have noticed though, once I use the Get Office and activate it with one of my keys, they are listed under my Microsoft ID. Only I can see them. Anyway, on my next install via Get Office, it gives me the option to use that key without having to renter it. It then shows it as single license activated on X PC, something like that. I don't remeber exactly what it said and its not in use at the moment. Both sets of keys are non subscription keys, I can use either and not have to pay any subscription fees. As far as I know anyway?
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    I haven't used TechNet in a long time. Apparently there used to be free trials and special subscriptions to Microsoft products...
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  6. alphanumeric's Avatar
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    My Visual Studio (formally MSDN) is now the replacement for TechNet (only option available). TechNet was retired years ago unfortunately.
    If your a subscriber with the right plan you get access to product codes and downloads. MVP's get a complimentary My Visual Studio Enterprise Subscription. Its how I got my keys. My subscription runs out middle of next month. As far as I know though I get to keep and product codes I have requested up to that point.
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    Hi there
    Amazon stuff for Office 2019 appears to work - although prices are so much cheaper than the "Official" ones there are bound to be questions as to the provenance of the software -- however I tried a product key and it all seems legit and above board -- absolutely no viruses etc -- I had a hardware data scope on outbound internet router -- nothing coming from Office 2019 that shouldn't have been.

    If you buy from amazon you'll get an .img file which you will need to convert to iso -- then don't use setup.exe but setup64.exe to install 64 bit version -- activate using key provided -- "seemples" just works.

    If you have previous versions of office e.g office 2010 don't uninstall first -- no need to -- and then all your email accounts etc will be copied -- otherwise it's a real pain in Outlook 2019 to configure these again from scratch as it tries to "auto config" which is bonkers if you have non standard email accounts !!!

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    I can't believe my first computer was Windows 98SE plus Office 2000. No subscriptions then.

    I'm wondering if those Office 2019 licence keys sold on Amazon are volume licences?
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    meridius said:
    I'm wondering if those Office 2019 licence keys sold on Amazon are volume licences?
    There's no telling these days.
    - Up until about five years ago in UK, Amazon had a specific customer point of contact for reporting fake / counterfeit goods including improper MS product licences. And they took it seriously - you used to get a thank you email for telling them about fakes being sold through their website.
    - There is no longer any means of reporting the facts or suspicions about the facts to Amazon unless you have bought fake / counterfeit / improperly-licensed goods and have an order number to refer to.
    - I now only buy software on Amazon directly from them or at least "Fulfilled by Amazon" so that I know there is somebody who will exist long enough to complain to.

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    There's no telling these days.
    You are absolutely right. I am even suspicious of hardware purchases and try to make sure that the item has not been returned and resealed.

    I now only buy software on Amazon directly from them or at least "Fulfilled by Amazon" so that I know there is somebody who will exist long enough to complain to.
    This makes sense.

    I know a company called Xtrasoft that used to be very active at the UK computer fairs and I never had any problems with their licence keys although you would have to contact them directly as they have special prices for trade customers.

    I first placed an order for a retail version Windows 7 Professional before SP1 through a shop in the UK called Dixons which became part of Currys. The pricing of software in those days was expensive but not extortionate. Now things have changed and Microsoft's prices of are in my opinion extortionate, especially when you look at the current price of Windows 10 Professional!
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