Outlook 2007 Deleted items

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    Outlook 2007 Deleted items


    I have MS outlook 2007, when I delete emails, all that happens is a strike through line in the text, the email doesn't go direct into deleted items folder

    I've tried dragging the email into the deleted folder but it doesn't work

    Any ideas please?
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    The behaviour you describe is that of an IMAP / EAS [Exchange] account setup. Deletion becomes two steps - mark for deletion then purge.

    If you set Outlook up to use the less secure POP method then deletion means deletion.

    You will also notice with your current setup that your main Outlook file is an .ost file rather than a .pst file.

    In brief, the 3 different email retrieval methods are [in order of increasing sophistication] -
    - Using POP allows you to check your email account whenever you want.
    - Using IMAP sets things up so that the online email server actively passes Outlook new emails.
    - Using Exchange is like IMAP but applies to all the other bits in Outlook as well [email, Calendar, Tasks, ].

    [I know you have recently reinstalled Outlook. If you allowed Outlook to configure your email account automatically then it will have set it up to use the EAS method. You would have had to set it all up manually to have achieved a POP setup.]

    Here are some explanatory articles -

    Supported email programs and features - OfficeSupport

    What are IMAP and POP - OfficeSupport

    Email Basics: POP3 is Outdated; Please Switch to IMAP Today - HTG

    Should I use POP3 or IMAP? - MSOutlookInfo

    If those articles help you decide how you want to set things up then post back here and I can dig out some guidance for whatever decision you have reached. I have remained with POP but I made some notes about the others when I was thinking about changing. If somebody else chips in with advice about IMAP/EAS & they have experience of these other methods then listen to them not me

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    Hello Denis

    Thank you, however, the details you suggest I follow are out of my capability to digest all the instructions to follow, when I looked at link 2, I forgot what it said in link 1

    As my office is 2007, almost certainly out of date, I looked on Amazon for MS office specifically Outlook tbh, some of the prices are outside my budget, I'd rather not use ebay, as I got scammed when I purchased office 365 trying to update office 2007
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    If you just need an up-to-date version of outlook then eM Client its very close and in some ways better - eM Client | The Best Email Client for Windows and Mac (beta)
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    My suggestion is therefore that you do nothing.

    The deleted items you see with letters struck through are all handled eventually by the email server so there is no need for you to do anything.

    Taking action would merely be a means of improving things - there is currently no fault so things can be left as they are.

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    The strikethrough deletion really used to irritate me back before the more modern outlook versions
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    OK, thank you all, it's irritating seeing read emails sat in my inbox and not being able to get rid of them
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    I've just been googling to see if there was a solution and a few sites say in outlook:-


    I'm on 365 so I cant test.
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    Hi there

    @Take a guess

    on IMAP if you set in the config operations for each account you have the problems with -- Root Folder -->INBOX there should then be a deleted items folder. Restart outlook and when you delete items they should then go to the deleted items folder. Use Empty folder to purge the email.

    Outlook 2007 and 2010 will work the same

    Step 1 in account config -->change-->advanced choose the last tab and then enter INBOX (in English should be Root Folder in the menu)

    Outlook 2007 Deleted items-rf1.png

    Step 2 now do New folder on tab 3 and create Deleted Items on the server for the account

    Outlook 2007 Deleted items-rf2.png

    Step 3 move mouse to newly created folder for deleted items - your deleted items should now go into that folder after you restart Outlook. You might have to move the underlined mail etc first and then purge.

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    Windows 10 Home x64 Version 21H2 Build 19044.1706

    The standard instructions for "purging", for finally removing deleted items, are at
    Empty the Deleted Items folder - OfficeSupport
    Do note while reading that link that I believe you have set up your email account's email retrieval method to "EAS", also called "Exchange", but the article goes on to explain procedures for "IMAP" as well.

    If you have any questions, please tell us how** you set up your email account because that will tell us which email retrieval method is in use [EAS, IMAP, POP] and so help us provide better help to you.

    ** Did you, for example, just enter your email address & password when Outlook demanded that information the very first time you ran Outlook after your recent reinstallation? That method would have set things up for EAS email retrieval. You would have had to take other [deliberate] action to set it up for IMAP or POP.

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