Upgrading from Office standalone to 365 - question about settings

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    Upgrading from Office standalone to 365 - question about settings

    First I uninstalled my current standalone version of Office (2016), then I installed 365.
    This all went flawlessly.
    Was happy to see that, when launching various Office applications, all the settings were 'adopted' and in fact I could continue without having to change anything.
    This is really wonderful.

    In the 'old' scenario, in case of a fresh Windows and Office install, I had to go thru many (I mean many) windows panels and tabs and drop down menus and and ... to set everything the way I wanted.
    It is good to have screenshots of all the settings and see what exactly should be changed (tagged or un-tagged).

    Way back in Office 2003 there was a kind of Office settings backup. After a fresh install one could import the backup and roughly all settings were restored. M$ removed that tool.

    It is impossible to create a backup of all the settings.

    One way or the other, after installing 365, all settings were restored. So, the settings ARE stored somewhere, in whatever form. Where and in what form, I have not the slightest idea.

    Fact remains, what could be done with the old Office (2003), i.e. restoring settings, apparently could also be done with 365.
    Whereas this restoring settings was not available anymore in the later versions of standalone Office.
    At least not after a fresh install.

    This puzzles me.

    Where are these settings saved, in what form? (registry?)
    What in case of a fresh Windows and thus fresh 365 install?
    Do I still need to go thru all the windows panels again?
    Is there a workaround when using 365?

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    Hi there


    Later versions of standalone office 2016 are converted by update into the Click 2 Run versions and 2019 is only internet install.

    I'm afraid that these new versions are IMO "Kindergarten" versions as if you have to do any complete Windows / Office installs any sort of "non automatic" config -- especially in Outlook becomes impossible.

    In the stand alone versions of Office 2010 for instance you could select what to install -- I don't need for example Publisher or Access (a single concurrent user!!! can so easily break this that to call it a Database system really should come up against "The Trade descriptions Act" or equivalent).

    I do also use VISIO and PROJECT which is another whole other issue with the "Kindergarten Version" -- I suppose they assume Primary school kids shouldn't be using grown up software like Project anyway !!!!! -- the whole Office system now assumes primary school level of use so there's almost nowhere to set anything up away from "Bog standard Microsoft".

    In the new "Kindergarten versions " you just get the whole thing -- no selection etc.

    Don't even start me off on the almost hopeless task of setting up email accounts if you have your own domain servers and those aren't in the Ms email setup database.

    (You can get round this for the moment by using the email applet in the control panel which currently still exists - type control panel on the windows menu. To create a short cut choose open file location, right mouse click and choose send to desktop). The applet is called mail (or mail outlook 2016 --even for 2019).

    I've found also IMAP doesn't work properly -- if I send email from different machines I can only see the SENT email if I log on to the machine I sent it from - as its IMAP should be visible on all devices including phones / tablets.

    Outlook 2010 works perfectly.

    I'm reverting back to Office 2010 on all my machines as it's still getting support etc until Q4 2020.

    If you do install the "Kindergarten" versions of office - good luck -- personally I'd just stick with stand alone 2016 which you have and block the updates - until you've configured it how you want.

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    Do these Office 2016 standalone shortcomings you refer to apply to standalone Home and Student 2016? Not sure what you mean by "later versions of standalone Office 2016".

    I'm on Home and Student 2010 and perfectly satisfied, but I'm aware of the 2020 support expiration.

    I have no idea what "click to run" is and hope to never encounter it.

    I need Word and Excel only--no need for Outlook, Access, Powerpoint, One Drive, the MS "store" and "apps", and the rest of it. I'm strictly one user on one PC with no additional devices.

    I've been tempted to buy standalone Home and Student 2016, but fear I will regret it. But I have to weigh that against the loss of Office 2010 support in 2020. It may well be that the lack of support means very little in my case and that I should stick with 2010 well beyond 2020 rather than get mired down in MS "improvements".

    Any guidance?
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    @jimbo45 - Yes, it strikes me, you get the whole bunch of Office 365. I don't use Publisher or so.
    That said, I have to say, the change from 2016->365 went in a couple of minutes and everything runs fine. At least, as far as I can see. I understand your 'reservations' towards the later versions of Office, but this thing went fine.

    But, I have to confess... I fear the '100,000-clicks-installation' on my brand new laptop though...
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    I tried MS Office Trial version, then uninstalled it and installed Office 2016. What a mess that created, the trial version kept infusing itself into the 2016 version even so much as to show both at the same time on Office account/ Product information page. Then I did something that I never thought I would do and that is to turn over remote access to Microsoft help desk. That person took about 45 minutes and got it straightened out. In the mean time, I have two copies of Office 365 (1 yr) licenses that I am hesitant to try and install, afraid that 2016 left overs are still there. I had tried normal uninstall, MS Office removal tool and revo. So I also wonder where the settings are stored.?...must be linked to your account on some server (WAG)
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