Microsoft Outlook Communications problem

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    Microsoft Outlook Communications problem

    According to what I've been able to find. this is a service of Office 2016, which I have uninstalled. I have never used Outlook, do not want it on my computer. However, this keeps asking to connect to the internet, and no matter how many times I tell my firewall to block it, it keeps popping up.

    Does this have another purpose besides the stated one? Is there some way I can permanently delete it?
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    MS Office is a suite of applications & MS Office Outlook is one of them. If you have uninstalled MS Office then you have removed MS Office Outlook. What does not help is that MS have also used the name Outlook for their online services [email, ...].

    If you post a picture of the dialog you are seeing then it might be possible to confirm which one is causing the problem. I suspect that it is the built-in Windows 10 email app trying to connect to an email address to check your email inbox but cannot be sure.

    In case you have already checked that it is MS Office Outlook at fault then I suggest checking these guides on MS Office uninstallation in case there was a fault during its removal. The second link allows you to download a tool to uninstall it so that might be able to clear everything up.
    Manually uninstall Office
    Uninstall Office from a PC

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    I don't use Microsoft email. I do use Office 2003, but it doesn't use HsTsr.exe, which searches have said is the culprit. When the dialogue comes up again, I'll get a picture and post it.
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    Can anyone tell me what HsTSR.exe is please - Microsoft Community

    HsTsr.exe doesn't seem to have anything to do with Office Outlook or

    More likely as stated earlier its connected to the MS Account email address you used to install windows 10. Looking forward to your posting the error message
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    Just to avoid any misunderstandings later on, please could you consider & respond to these points.

    1 As you probably know already, Office 2003 is not officially compatible with Windows 10 but may work albeit with problems. I do recall somebody reporting that MS Office Outlook 2003 was a nightmare and could not be made to work in Windows 10. Whilst others might have found solutions that I have not noticed, I do wonder if the problem is associated with your Office 2003 installation in that you might have included Outlook even though you have not used it.

    2 There are Office apps included with Windows 10 such as sawn-off versions of Excel & Word. I removed mine before installing my own Office [Office 2007]. I really cannot see these being associated with your problem at all.

    3 You said you had uninstalled Office 2016. If this version had included Outlook 2016 then it is possible that it is the cause of the problem. You did mean Office 2016 & not the Office apps included with Windows 10 [my #2 above]?

    4 When did your problem start? When you installed Office 2016? When you removed Office 2016?

    5 After removing Office 2016 did you run Office 2003's Repair procedure? I don't have any old screenshots but I think it was in the Help menu of any of its applications. In Office 2007 the facility is called Office diagnostics but I don't remember what it was called in Office 2003. If you didn't run this repair tool, did you use Control panel, Progs & features to do the same [right-click, select Change instead of Uninstall & then select Repair at the next dialog]?

    6 Have you used File explorer to check for the existence of Outlook.exe in your C:\Program files / C:\Program files (x86) folders? If Office 2003 uses the same folder patterns as Office 2007 then I would expect it to be / not be in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OfficeNN or C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\OfficeNN where NN is some number identifying the version {possibly Office10}. If it exists then you could use Control panel, Progs & features to remove it [right-click, select Change instead of Uninstall & then select add/remove components at the next dialog]?

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    Did a search. Outlook.exe is not on my computer. This problem just started recently, btw, but then, I just uninstalled Norton and installed ZoneAlarm so maybe I wasn't aware of it before. Since something is eating up my bandwidth, I want to get rid of anything that doesn't need access.

    BTW, I never installed Office 2016. A trial version came with the computer. So far as Office 2003 is concerned, the only problem that has appeared (just in the last 3 or 4 months) is that when I open Word, an installer dialogue comes up. I dismiss it and all is well.
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