I have a large Word file (around 7 MB, 2000 pages) which I update everyday for work. I have used this file and updated it in Word without issues for many years until now.

Since the last 2 weeks Word keeps going 'not responding' for a long time when I try to do anything with it (scroll down, type). I thought it could be my setup (nothing was changed), but I tried opening the same file in different computers of friends who also have Office 365. Its freezing.

I have older backups of this file so I tried opening older versions, and all versions since I converted from .doc to .docx around 2 years ago are freezing in Word.

I tried to export it to PDF and surprisingly that worked, so at least I lost no data but how do I get it to work in Word now? I need to update and submit this file.

Thanks in advance..