Hi. I am brand new here. My office recently purchased some HP Probook x360 11 G1 notebooks to be used OFF the domain. We set them up with an admin account so we can restrict some power settings, etc. that we don't want them to change. Then a local account that they use to log in and use Office applications, etc. The problem we are having is that Windows 10 has started to come up with a security update that REQUIRES them to use admin credentials. They are not permitted to use any Office applications until the update is installed. So with 200+ users, we have had to deal with them 1 by 1 so far. But we are anticipating that ALL of these devices will eventually require this update. I am here to find out if there is ANY way to allow these types of updates to come down without an admin password? We are finding that the update takes 3+ hours and we don't have the time to babysit each device. So it would be easier to choose an option to allow important updates to come through automatically. OR I guess we will be forced to deal with each as they come in.. with the hope that we can enter the password and send them on their way.

Anyone have any ideas for this little predicament that we are in?? Thank you in advance for your assistance!